accelerating the speed of conversion

Industrial Solutions

Olivine reacts with CO2, but that is a lengthy process, often taking multiple decades. Therefore, the carbon vanishers have invented a new technology to accelerate this process. The first step has been taken to almost halve the levels in a continuous airflow. The result is unique and indicates that there are still many possibilities for the future.

We succeeded to build a new and innovative machine that demonstrates olivine transformation. The carbon levels decreased in a matter of seconds, instead of many decades. A discovery that could have enormous impact on the future of this planet. In a continuous airflow, we reduced outdoor CO2 levels from 411 to 216 ppm.

Investor Options

•With a dedicated strategic investor we can lift this project to a next level.
•Dedicated profitable investments with large scale roll-out are possible.
•Building a much larger test installation is a necessary next step.

After the CO2 conversion with olivine, a clean residue remains: chalk. The chalk can be sold to companies in the construction industry as aggregate, or used as a fertilizer in agriculture, etc. etc.


Natural acceleration options

Natural Solutions


It is possible to utilize nature to accelerate the CO2 conversion with olivine. Gravity, sunlight, and air are free resources, and we already have ideas on how to maximize their use to expedite the processes. This would be the most sustainable option to optimally harness nature itself as a catalyst.

Immediately executable obvious option

Using nature for olivine conversion is advantageous due to its natural abundance and ability to work at a steady pace. The natural environment provides conditions for the reaction, making it an efficient and sustainable process. When time is less critical, this becomes an effective method to remove substantial amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Worldwide impact projects

Creative Exposure

liechtenstein design 4

Building “art meets science” projects to introduce new technology offers several advantages: it enhances accessibility and user experience, making complex concepts more understandable for a wide audience. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal creates emotional connections, fostering greater adoption and engagement with the technology.

Carbon Vanisher Ap Verheggen has successfully executed multiple art meets science projects, garnering significant attention for innovative technologies. Interest in olivine as a solution to one of the most urgent climate challenges we face mainly comes from the scientific community. Therefore, it is a tremendous challenge to reach a broader audience with this relatively unknown mineral.